UIL One Act • Dallas Summer Musicals • College Auditioning

Are you involved in your middle or high school theatre department?


Thinking about auditioning for college acting programs?


Wanting to stand out in your school's UIL One Act competition?


Anxious to be nominated for a Dallas Summer Musicals HS Award or scholarship? 

You came to the right girl!

I can help you stand out in your acting, but first, it is important to know my background:


As a recent graduate from the BFA Acting program at Oklahoma City University and alumni of a FriscoISD award-winning theatre department, I have experience that can directly help you stand out to colleges, UIL judges, and the DSM panel.


In high school, I had the honor of participating in UIL One Act Play. As a sophomore, I received acting awards at each UIL level including Best Actress at Zone, District, and Regionals. Junior year, I was awarded All Star Cast at each UIL level in a supporting role. And senior year, I received awards at each UIL level including Best Actress at Regionals. 

I have also been nominated for a Dallas Summer Musical Award. In Legally Blonde, for my role of Paulette, I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.  I also received a $5,000 scholarship from DSM to put towards my college acting endeavors. 


During my senior year of high school, I auditioned at the North Texas Drama Auditions where I received over 40 callbacks to college acting programs. This is where I first met the faculty at Oklahoma City University and the rest is history. During my time as an acting student at Oklahoma City University, I played multiple roles in contemporary, modern, and classic shows alike. During my senior year, I was accepted into OCU's LA Showcase where I had the privilege of traveling to Los Angeles to audition/workshop with well known casting agencies and talent agents. 

However, it was through OCU's Dallas Showcase that I caught the eye of a talent agent at Kim Dawson Talent Agency and knew that Dallas was the right move for me at this point in my adult life. Now I am currently auditioning for TV Commercials, Regional plays in DFW, and TV/Film roles.

Enough about me. How can I help you?

Here is what I've done:

  • Coached a young actor in FriscoISD from taking the smallest role with 8 lines in the UIL One Act, to receiving All Star Cast at the District level.

  • Coached a young actress in FriscoISD from receiving no awards for her lead role in UIL One Act to receiving All Star Cast at the District Level.

  • Guided a few young actors in FriscoISD in their college auditions and secured spots for them in college acting programs.

  • Coached a freshman for her first High School play audition and helped her land a lead role over multiple upperclassmen.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Offer affordable private coaching sessions for any of your needs: college auditioning, UIL One Act, DSM Awards, film/TV auditioning, agent searching, or just keeping your skills fresh.

  • Offer all of my honest thoughts and opinions of pursuing acting in college and the real world.

  • Offer the opportunity of just talking to someone who has done it all before and is still doing it!

Thinking about taking that next step? Here's how to contact me:

Send an email to Send me your name, where you go to school, and what you're interested in working on.

I will respond with what I can offer, my prices, and we can work out the best way to meet/skype/call to get you or your student started on your path to taking acting to the next level!

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